Effective Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Marketing

Creating massive amounts of exposure is key to leasing and selling your clients’ properties. This has been a crucial element to leasing properties quickly and effectively in this tight market. I have found it effective to utilize every means possible to get my clients' properties in front of prospective tenants' and buyers' eyes. I use social media, property websites, numerous MLS systems, etc. The more people that see and hear about my commercial real estate listings, the better.

Social Media

The most important and underrated form of commercial & industrial real estate marketing is Social Media. I continue to hear that Commercial & Industrial Real Estate does not have a place in Social Media. Personally, I do not believe or accept this. Social Media is a strong tool for brokers/agents in the business to connect with their clients, build their brand, and reach out to the commercial real estate community. Yes, most property owners are older and do not utilize social media like millennials, however this will not last. Social Media is definitely a long play in the commercial real estate industry.

MLS Systems

You must utilize every MLS system that is popular in the region you work. You want to make sure that your property is getting out in front of as many brokers, agents, tenants, and buyers as possible. In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly important to add as much information as you can regarding your listing on these platforms. You can no longer simply put the basic information on the MLS and hope it is enough. Besides the key property highlights (clear height, dock positions, square footage, etc.), you should include the following to your listings:

  • Photos of the interior and exterior

  • Site plan and floor plan

  • Drone videos of the property

  • Property website (which leads us to our next marketing tip)

Property Websites

Property websites are becoming a great tool to really highlight your listing. A great property website will have a personalized video of your listing, basic building highlights, pricing, site plans, and contact information. A property website should be able to answer most questions that are commonly asked by a prospective tenant or buyer. I personally use Click Cue to create my commercial property websites.

Take advantage of every way to get your properties in front of people. The more people that see it, the better chance you have of closing a deal faster.

Have an industrial real estate question? I would love to answer it. Please feel free to comment or message me with all of your questions.

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